Abstracts will be collected through a web-based submission tool. 

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Authors are invited to submit abstracts of recent and original work of interest to the frequency control communities in the following topics:

Group 1: Materials, Resonators & Resonator Circuits

A. Fundamental Properties of Materials

B. Micro and Meso-scale-Fabrication Technology for Resonators and Filters 

C. Theory, Design and Performance of Resonators and Filters, including BAW, FBAR, MEMS, NEMS, SAW, and Novel Devices 

D. Reconfigurable Frequency Control Circuits, e.g. Arrays, Channelizers

Group 2: Oscillators, Synthesizers, Noise, & Circuit Techniques

A. Oscillators, BAW, SAW, MEMS, Microwave & Optical

B. Integrated Oscillators

C. Synthesizers, Optical to Microwave and RF Conversion with Combs

D. Noise, Ageing and Measurements

E. Analog and Digital Electronics and Signal Processing

Group 3: Microwave Frequency Standards & Applications

A. Microwave Atomic Frequency Standards 

B. Atomic Clocks for Space Applications 

C. Vapor-cell Atomic Clocks and cell-based Sensors and Instruments 

D. Atomic Interferometers 

E. Fundamental Physics Tests with Clocks and Other Applications

Group 4: Sensors & Transducers

A. Resonant Chemical Sensors 

B. Resonant Physical Sensors 

C. Vibratory Gyroscopes and Magnetometers 

D. BAW, SAW, FBAR and MEMS Sensors 

E. Transducers 

F. Sensor Instrumentation

Group 5: Timekeeping, Time and Frequency Transfer, GNSS Applications

A. TAI and Time Scales, and associated Algorithms

B. GNSS and related timing applications

C. Telecommunications Network Synchronization

D. Time and Frequency Transfer

E. Frequency and Time Distribution

F. Frequency and Time Calibration Services

Group 6:  Optical Frequency Standards and Applications

A. Optical Ion and Neutral Atom Clocks

B. Optical Frequency Combs and Frequency Measurements

C. Ultra-stable Laser Sources and Optical Frequency References

D. Ultra-stable Frequency Transfer between Optical, Microwave, TeraHertz, and XUV Domains

E. Fundamental Physics Tests with Accurate Optical Spectroscopy, Other Applications


All participants will find the Conference proceedings available in the EFTF website.


Only abstract(s) of registered participants will be included in the electronic proceedings.